Total Depth provides a range of services to the resources sector (petroleum, coal and minerals) including; data collection, processing and interpretation. Depending on your requirements, the available information and the project’s technical objectives, Total Depth will apply hybrid workflows created from existing and new technologies. Through this methodology, Total Depth is able to provide a unique prospective to any exploration project and can independently develop or validate geo-models that will assist in addressing elements of non-uniqueness.


  • Pre-Interpretation Processing
    Patented pre-interpretation processing using fully automated genetic segmentation delivering an unbiased independent assessment of any 3D data volume
  • Seismic Data Enhancement, Spectral Signatures Analysis and Seismic Consistent Inversion (non-model based)
  • Pinemont Technologies
    Passive Airborne technique measuring the ā€œEā€ response to REDOX activity associated with Outgassing, Migration Pathways and Hydrothermal fluid pathways.