AEM-PTP Airborne Surveys


Airborne audio electromagnetics using passive transient pulses (AEM-PTP)

In collaboration with Pinemont Technologies Australia, Total Depth provides passive airborne acquisition and processing of AEM-PTP data. The AEM-PTP technology measures a geophysical response to reduction and oxidation (REDOX) activity associated with upward fluid flow. This is often the result of outgassing from a hydrocarbon accumulation or in response to the upward flow of hydrothermal fluids (e.g. mineral deposits and geothermal).

The technique is effectively an ‘E’ field version of the audio frequency magnetics (AFMAG) system. Consequently, this patented technology is very portable and lightweight only requiring a small ‘E’ field antenna that can be deployed in a wide range of survey vehicles.

For more than a decade we have offered this service to clients working across the resource sector looking to mitigate the risk associated with fluid migration pathways. For the best outcomes, integration with other types of data is always recommended.