Iodine Geochemical Surveys


Total Depth Pty Ltd has partnered with Graystone Exploration Labs, Inc to provide Iodine geochemical exploration surveys and services to Australia. Founded in 1982 GrayStone Exploration Labs has been providing Geochemical Exploration services to the petroleum and minerals industries for over 30 years.

Why Iodine Geochemical Exploration Surveys?

Iodine has a number of unique properties that make it an excellent choice for geochemical exploration surveys. As the figure below demonstrates soil iodine originates from the atmosphere, eliminating varying initial conditions. Like all halogens, iodine is a strong oxidizer and reacts readily with hydrocarbons. Volatile hydrocarbons combine with iodine changing hydrocarbon gases into iodo-hydrocarbon solids. These compounds can be used to track hydrocarbon seepage. GrayStone specializes in these near surface soil iodine surveys.

Iodine Equation


Geochemical Reaction for the generation of Iodo-Hydrocarbons in the soil.

When Should I acquire an Iodine Geochemical Exploration Survey?

Graystone Exploration Labs can tailor survey designs to match your requirements, whether you want to do some reconnaissance over an area of interest, conduct a full geochemical survey, de-risk a prospect or track the development of your reservoir we can help.